Conditions of Sale and Insurance

Terms and conditions of sale

1. Conclusion of the travel contract

Upon registration, the customer arranges for the travel agency to conclude a travel agreement based on the travel, the appropriate travel notes in the travel brochure and these binding travel conditions. The registration can be made verbally, in writing, by telephone, by fax or electronically. It is carried out by the applicant for all in application to execute the participants their contractual obligations, the applicant as its own obligations, insofar as it has assumed the corresponding separate obligation by express and separate declaration. The contract includes the acceptance of the application by the tour operator, for which no special form is required. The tour operator informs the customer of the contract with the written confirmation and send the insurance certificate. By the insurance certificate, all customer funds are protected. Differs from the content of the confirmation of the contents of the reservation, then a new offer by the tour operator to which the tour operator is bound tour for 10 days. Within this period, the customer can express or conclusive explanation accept the new offer (for example, payment of the deposit or final payment) and the travel contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer.

2. Payment

After receiving the booking confirmation and the security note a deposit of 15 percent of the price must be paid. The deposit will be credited to the price of the trip. The balance of the payment is due 21 days before departure and made, if it is determined that the trip takes place, especially not in paragraph 6 may be canceled, and must be received in unsolicited tour operators. Timeliness of payment to be credited to the tour operator.

3. Services

Changes in the purchase of electricity The scope and nature of the contract agreed by the tour operators are contained in the service description of the travel agency in the corresponding to the respective travel brochure or the specific travel description together with the confirmation of the person. With regard to travel, the tour operator expressly reserves the right to declare for objectively justified, substantial and unforeseen reasons before closing a modification of the offers, of which the customer will be informed of course. If an individual itinerary was joined at the request of the customer, then the obligation of the tour operator is due exclusively to the corresponding concrete offer to the customer in connection with the respective booking confirmation.

4. Service and price changes changes in performance

Makes necessary after the conclusion of the key travel service contract changes, which are caused by the tour operator in violation of good faith, are only permitted if the changes are not substantial and do not affect the overall form of the tour.

Price adjustments: Price changes after the conclusion of the travel contract only in the event that occurs even after the conclusion of the travel contract, not foreseeable at the conclusion of a rise in transportation costs or charges for certain services, such as port or airport fees or a change in the applicable to the travel exchange rates to the extent How is the increase possible per person or per seat affect the price of the tour if the period between receipt of the confirmation by the customer and the agreed departure more than four months. If this is the case, the customer will be notified immediately. A price increase that is required 20 days before the departure date is not valid.

In the event of a price increase by more than 5% or a significant change in an essential travel service, the customer is entitled to free to terminate the contract or demand participation in another, at least equivalent to another trip if the tour operator is able to offer such a trip without offering more economical for the traveler of its range. The customer must assert these rights immediately upon receipt of the statement by the tour operator on the modification of the travel service or price adjustment on this law.

5. Cancellation by the customer, change of reservation, replacement persons.

The customer may withdraw at any time before departure of the trip. Receipt of the cancellation by the tour operator. It is recommended for evidentiary reasons for the customer to explain the resignation in writing. If the customer withdraws from the travel contract, the tour operator loses the right to the agreed tour price. However, he may demand reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements he makes and his expenses, with the amount of compensation for the travel price, minus the value of the usual savings from the tour operator expenses, and of what can be acquired through the alternative use of travel services, determine. The tour operator may calculate this concrete claim or a lump sum of its choice. The tour operator may demand a lump sum compensation as follows:

  • Up to 30 days before departure 15%.
  • From 29 days to 22 days prior to departure 35%.
  • From 21 days to 14 days prior to departure 40%.
  • From 13 days to 7 days prior to departure 50%
  • 6 days before departure 60%
  • From the start no 80%

It is always subject to the customer - even when calculating the lump sum cancellation compensation - to prove that the damage is not incurred in the calculated from the tour operator height. Must be made at the request of customers, even after booking changes shot (changes in travel date, destination, place of departure, accommodation or type of transport), the tour operator may charge a rebooking fee of 29 euros. The customer's right to transfers does not exist. Changes are only allowed up to 35 days before departure. After that, changes are only possible after cancellation of the travel contract under the above mentioned conditions and simultaneous re-booking by the customer. The customer can prove that no or a lower cost than the previous package derived from the transmission. If the customer can not make the trip, he has the possibility to ask another person of the departure who enters in his place in the rights and obligations arising from the contract and shall notify the tour operator before. The tour operator may enter into this decline the third party, if it does not meet the travel requirements or its participation contrary to legal regulations or official orders. The person replacing the conclusion of the contract and the original travelers liable to the travel agency for the price of the trip and jointly and severally liable for all costs incurred by the entry of replacement costs.

6. passport and visa requirements, health regulations

The tour operator informed citizens where the tour is offered by the state, on passport and visa requirements and health formalities (eg vaccinations and police certificates prescribed) that are required for travel and stay. Citizens of other countries the relevant consulate gives information. The customer is responsible for compliance with all important to make the trip itself. All inconveniences arising from non-compliance with these rules, will be charged, except the tour operator has its obligations to notify the debt were not found. In particular, customs and currency regulations in foreign countries must be observed. The customer is responsible for obtaining and carrying the necessary travel documents and care must be taken saying that his passport or identification card for the tour has sufficient validity. If the customer has instructed the tour operator about to apply for a visa for him official documents, the travel agency is not responsible for the timely issuance of these documents by the German or foreign authorities, but only if it violated its own obligations and is itself to blame for the delay.

7. Exclusion of rights / periods of filing, limitation Travel

contractual warranty claims must be made within one month after the end agreed in the travel contract to the tour organizers at the address indicated below in the law. After the expiry of the one-month period, the traveler may only submit claims if he has been prevented through no fault of his own from meeting the deadline, or if liability claims are involved. The set period does not apply to the registration of baggage damage, baggage delays or lost baggage in connection with flights. This must be reported within 7 days with loss of baggage and within 21 days of delayed baggage after delivery of the baggage it is recommended to immediately make on the spot, the damage report to the relevant airline. Similarly, the loss indicate damage or misdirection of luggage, the local tour guide or tour operator contrary. Contractual travel claims under §§ 651C to 651F BGB lapse after one year. The limitation period begins on the day on which the tour must whereby the travel in the contract. Oscillating between the customer and the tour operator on the claim or the circumstances which gave rise to it, the limitation period is suspended until the customer or the tour operator refuses negotiations. The statute of limitations in the first 3 months after the suspension ends. Liability claims are subject to the statutory limitation.

8. Various

The invalidity of individual provisions does not invalidate the entire travel contract. This contract only applies German law. The tour operator can be sued at his seat. The tour operator can sue the customer at his residence. If the customer is a merchant or a legal person under private or public law or a person has his domicile or habitual residence abroad or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time of the action is not known, the place of jurisdiction of the seat of the travel agency, the tour operator is a member of forumandersreisen eV, Freiburg, and recognizes the criteria of forumandersreisen in sustainable tourism to.


The company does not include travel insurance. However, all Huillca Expedition operations are 100% safe and guaranteed according to Huillca Expedition's terms of sale.

Online feedback letter


  • Our online notification system ("Huillcameter") finds its origin and reason to be in:
  • Our great concern for the quality of our trips and the satisfaction of our clients' expectations, which implies collecting their opinions as accurately as possible, in order, if necessary, to improve our services.
  • The values of transparency and sincerity, which drive us in our relationships with our traveler customers as with our partners, which implies, among other things, in our eyes, to make public, without any manipulation or modification, the opinions of our customers about our travel, to clarify the choice of future travelers. This has led us to actively participate in the development of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) of Indecopi.

How, or what?

Every Huillca Expedition client receives, upon returning from their trip, an email inviting them to share with us, without any consideration, their opinion about the trip they have just taken. However:

  • If several people (a family, for example) have conducted a group check-in together, the person who conducted the check-in is the sole recipient of this email.
  • The respondent must not be in conflict of interest: suppliers, service providers and collaborators of Huillca Expedition and their companions cannot submit a notification.

This email contains a link, valid for 2 months, to an online satisfaction questionnaire. Each recipient must confirm that they have completed the trip they are about to evaluate and that they have read this letter.

The answers to the first two questions are intended, on the one hand for our own statistical processing, on the other hand to be published on our site for a maximum period of 5 years from the date of departure of the trip.

The first question is: "Are you overall very satisfied, satisfied, not very satisfied or not at all satisfied with your trip?"

Each client's response is:

  • Shown as it is on the online reviews page for the trip in question, or for the country in question if it is a private or free or tailor-made trip (therefore not sold identically on the site), as well as on the page that aggregates all reviews posted on all trips, accompanied by the corresponding smiley face, the customer's name and possibly their age and city of residence (but the respondent can remove or modify these last two pieces of information) )
  • Aggregated with all ratings from other clients on the same trip to give an overall satisfaction rating for this trip, expressed as a percentage of clients who declared themselves "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their trip. The score shown takes into account all reviews since the origin of the trip, or since the last substantial modification made to the trip (in this case, reviews prior to this modification may continue to be published but are no longer taken into account in the score).
  • Aggregated with all the opinions of all customers, on all trips. in the last 12 months, to give an overall satisfaction rating regarding the overall Huillca trip, which is displayed on the home page of our website. To obtain this score, we aggregate the validated "satisfied and very satisfied" opinions, on the one hand, and the "dissatisfied and dissatisfied" opinions, on the other hand. The overall satisfaction percentage shown represents the percentage of "satisfied and very satisfied" opinions out of the total number of validated opinions. For better readability of the index on the site, the overall figure is rounded up if the first digit after the decimal point is greater than or equal to 5. The figure is rounded down if the first digit after the decimal point is less than 5.

The second question invites us to leave a general comment about the trip, of a length not exceeding 1,000 characters.

Each customer's comment is:

  • It is immediately displayed as is (without prior human moderation on our part, except for automatic detection of non-compliance with the notice at a point in this letter) on the online notice page for the trip in question. If the notice is subject to moderation (detection of a non-compliance leading to its quarantine and the proposal to its author to rewrite it), it is displayed again, as is and immediately, as soon as the author returns his corrected and compliant opinion to us. The notices are published in anti-chronological order according to the date of the voyage: that is, the most recent voyages first, and for the same voyage, the most recently submitted notice first.
  • Possibly reproduced, in part or in whole, on the home page, or on a page related to the trip in question or to the country in which it takes place, of our website.
  • In all cases, it is the property of Huillca Expedition who may use it freely. However, the customer may at any time request the publication of its opinion, which remains stored in our databases for control purposes. However, it is not possible for Huillca Expedition or the author to modify a published advertisement.

We reserve the right to publish a comment (never a general satisfaction rating) only in the following cases:

  • Infringement of the legislation in force on French territory, or risk for Huillca Expedition to see its civil or criminal liability compromised.
  • Discriminatory, obscene, insulting or unintelligible words.
  • Comments relating to subjects other than the trip in question and the relationship with Huillca Expedition in the context of this trip, or containing inappropriate comments about one or more opinions or other travelers.
  • Citation of the names of other travelers, accompanying personnel, our local partners, a tour operator or travel agency, Huillca Expedition personnel, a website, telephone numbers, email or mailing address, etc.
  • Presence of privacy-related information (phone number, email or postal address, etc.).
  • Ongoing action by Huillca or the client, before the courts, in connection with the trip evaluated, or call for legal action.
  • Notice prior to a substantial modification of the tour.

If we are forced to quarantine a comment for one of the above reasons, the author of the comment is informed by email and can rewrite it to resubmit it for publication.

Huillca Expedition reserves the right to respond to a notice posted on its site, below the notice in question.

Huillca Expedition finally guarantees that 100% of the opinions (ratings and comments) posted on its site come exclusively from travelers who have taken the trip in question. It is likely that each client who has submitted a notice will be contacted, by email, by mail or by telephone, by a third party, in order to verify the authenticity of the notice and, in particular, the fact that they have carried out the trip evaluated: any proof (invoice, photos, etc.) may be requested.

The Travel and Tourism Agency "Huillca Expedition" with a classification of Tour Operator of the receiving type, offers through its website (hereinafter "the Site"), the development and sale of tailor-made trips in Cusco, Peru.

Legal Notes



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