The alpaca area of Ausangate with its alpaca herders

The alpaca area of Ausangate with its alpaca herders


Immerse yourself in the magical region of Ausangate, where majestic alpacas graze in dreamlike landscapes. Discover life at high altitudes in the Andes, where culture, nature, and alpacas intertwine in a unique experience. Welcome to the captivating alpaca zone of Ausangate, an unforgettable corner of marvelous Peru.

The alpacas of Ausangate, thriving at altitudes between 3900 and 5100 meters above sea level, offer a breathtaking spectacle with their two distinct breeds, the huacaya and the suri. These fascinating creatures, integral to the Andean landscape, feed on the rich natural grasses that characterize these elevations. Their chromatic diversity, ranging from black and white to various shades of brown, contributes to the visual richness of the region.

The life cycle of alpacas is a fascinating testament to nature. Their offspring, known as "alpaca babies," come into the world in January, February, and March, adding a tender vitality to the imposing scenes of Ausangate. Beyond their aesthetic value, these animals, with an approximate cost of 250 to 300 soles, reflect their economic and cultural significance in the region.

The alpacas' fiber is undoubtedly a gem in the crown of their breeding. With a fineness ranging from 19 to 22 microns, this fiber is essential in the creation of high-quality Andean garments and crafts. From breeding to textile production, Ausangate's alpacas play a fundamental role in the cultural and economic fabric of the region, contributing to the sustainability and authenticity of the Andean heritage.

Alpacas in Ausangate is an icon of the Andes

Alpaca herders are the caretakers of the alpacas in Ausangate

The alpaca herders, authentic guardians of the alpacas in Ausangate, are everyday heroes living in rustic stone cabins with thatched roofs. Their day begins at 7 in the morning when they take the alpacas out to graze—a task that involves not only tending to the herds but also protecting them from carnivorous hunters such as the majestic condor and the cunning fox.

In their dedication, the alpaca herders provide crucial support during the birth of baby alpacas, ensuring that each new life is welcomed with love and care. Always accompanied by loyal alpaca herding dogs, these tireless caretakers guide and protect their herds in the vast pastures of Ausangate.

After an extensive day that extends until 5 in the afternoon, the alpaca herders return to their cabins. In these humble abodes, they share the provisions they carry, ensuring not only the nourishment of the alpacas but also their own. Rooted in the land and in their work, these alpaca herders are the pillars of a tradition that connects alpacas with the very fabric of life in Ausangate.

Alpaqueros are the alpaca herders of Ausangate

Homes of the Alpaca Herders in Ausangate

The homes of the alpaca herders, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Ausangate, serve as havens of authenticity and simplicity. Constructed with stone and thatched roofs, these rustic dwellings reflect the deep connection of the alpaca herders to the land and their lifestyle dedicated to the care of alpacas. More than simple constructions, these homes bear witness to shared stories, exhausting journeys, and the very essence of a life rooted in nature.

Ausangate alpaqueros' homes

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