The Top 5 Restaurants in Cusco

The Top 5 Restaurants in Cusco

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Cusco is one of Peru's most popular tourist destinations, not only for its rich history and culture but also for its delicious gastronomy. If you're planning a visit to this city, it's important to know the best restaurants to enjoy the region's most authentic flavors. In this culinary guide, we present the top 5 restaurants in Cusco for an unforgettable dining experience.

1. Chicha by Gastón Acurio

Chicha is one of the most popular restaurants in Cusco, thanks to its owner, the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. This restaurant offers a wide variety of Peruvian dishes with a contemporary and elegant twist. Try the trout ceviche with corn and sweet potato, the lomo saltado with quinoa, or the duck rice. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the pisco sour, Peru's national drink.

2. Cicciolina

If you're looking for a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and delicious food, Cicciolina is the perfect choice. This place is famous for its great variety of tapas and small plates, ideal for sharing with friends or a partner. Try the grilled octopus with papas bravas, the trout tartare with ají amarillo, or the mushroom and parmesan risotto.

3. Kion Kion

Is one of the best fusion restaurants in Cusco, combining Peruvian and Asian flavors in its dishes. This restaurant is famous for its exquisite fish tiradito, seafood chaufa rice, and lomo saltado with ginger and soy sauce. Additionally, Kion features a beautiful terrace with spectacular city views.

4. Greens Organic

If you're vegetarian or simply looking for healthy and fresh options, Greens Organic is the place for you. This restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, all prepared with organic ingredients. Try the quinoa avocado salad, the falafel wrap with hummus, or the vegetable curry.

5. Baco Baco

Is one of the top restaurants in Cusco for wine and Italian food lovers. This place has an extensive wine list featuring Peruvian and international wines, as well as delicious Italian dishes such as fresh pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and grilled meats. Don't miss the tiramisu, one of the most popular desserts in this place.

We hope this culinary guide has been helpful in planning your next visit to Cusco. Don't forget to savor the most authentic flavors of Peru at these top 5 restaurants in the city. Enjoy your meal!

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