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Yayamari Climbing in 6 Days

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Yayamari climbing is a unique experience for mountain and nature lovers in Cusco. Surrounded by a great number of mountains, this beautiful mountain offers one of the most stunning and challenging approach routes in the region. Despite being a less-climbed mountain, Yayamari has a lot to offer to those who venture to climb its summits.

Also known as Montura or Ambrocca, Yayamari has two peaks, with the main peak reaching 6049 meters above sea level and being the one climbed in the expedition. The first ascent to this mountain was made by Günther Hauser, Theodore Achilles, and Bernhard Kuhn from Germany on August 15, 1957, demonstrating that this mountain is a true challenge for climbers. The route taken on this expedition begins in the town of Phinaya, but before reaching Yayamari Base Camp, climbers will visit the famous Rainbow Mountain, an impressive and colorful natural spectacle that is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. From Base Camp, the attack on the main peak of Yayamari begins.

During the expedition, climbers will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Sibinacocha Lagoon, one of the largest dams in Cusco, and continue on their way through the Condor Pass, which is located at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level. Finally, the expedition ends in the picturesque village of Killita, where climbers can rest and recover after the exciting mountain adventure. For those looking for a unique and thrilling experience in Cusco, Yayamari climbing is an excellent choice.

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Yayamari Climb Summary

Climbing a mountain of 6,000 meters is a challenge for any mountaineer for different reasons such as altitude, lack of oxygen, technical difficulty that these mountains represent. The ascent to Yayamari with its altitude of 6049 m represents a challenge for its characteristics of its access route, denominated as one of the mountains of 6 thousand easy of the Vilcanota mountain range. However, this mountain is dangerous because of the amount of crevasses it has on the northwest route, which in many years was the classic route to reach the summit of Yayamari. Today you have to look for a better route in the season where you want to climb, there are routes on the north and west side where you can access the first summit of Yayamari and then head to the main summit. This expedition is designed so that the climber can adapt to the change of environment and enter a mountain environment with altitudes above 5 thousand meters. For this reason, the first day we have the visit and hike to the Rainbow Mountain which is one of the important attractions of Cusco, then we have an ascent to the base camp where we have a day to choose the best climbing route and with the possibility of ascending to a base camp or make the attack from the base camp. To finish the expedition we will head towards the Ausangate snow-capped mountain passing by the Sibinacocha Lagoon.

Yayamari Climbing Itinerary Summary

Day 1. Cusco, Mountain of Colors, Phinaya Village
Day 2. Phinaya Village, Yayamari Base Camp
Day 3. Yayamari Base Camp, Camp I
Day 4. Camp I, Summit Yayayari 6049 mals, Base Camp
Day 5. Yayamari Base Camp, Sibinacocha Lagoon
Day 6. Sibinacocha Lagoon, Killita Village, Cusco

The Yayamari climbing itinerary

Day 1. Cusco, Rainbow Mountain, Phinaya Village

The Yayamari climbing expedition starts with the pick up from the hotel in Cusco at 5.00 am to go to the Rainbow Mountain. We will travel on the Cusco-Puno highway until we reach the district of Checcacupe to go to the small district of Pitumarca. From this point begins the dirt road that goes to the town of Phinaya, we will make a small detour to go to the Rainbow Mountain. The parking lot is located approximately 1 km from the top of Vinicunca, we will walk for about 40 minutes of pure ascent. From the highest peak of Rainbow Mountain (5034 m) we can observe the incredible coloration of this attraction that has been formed naturally over many years. 
We will make the descent in about 30 minutes to continue our journey through the Ausangate valley until we reach the Jahuaycate pass (5070 masl), from here begins a downhill route to reach the Sibinacocha lagoon. One of the largest dams in Cusco with 110 million m3. The regulation of the natural lagoon allows an additional availability in low water season of 7 m3/s to 12 m3/s. Finally we will see the imposing snow-capped mountain of Yayamari 6049 m. We will arrive at the village of Phinaya where they will be waiting for us with a coffee. Tonight we will spend the night in communal lodging. In the afternoon we will have the opportunity to visit the village, its churches and the countryside.

Day 2. Phinaya Village, Yayamari Base Camp

This day begins our hike through a place full of mountains and distant view of the Qelccaya Glacier, one of the largest tropical glaciers in the world. This approach hike is to the Yayamari climbing base camp. Along the way we will be able to observe many alpacas and local herders. The camp is located near the Cascana lagoon and 500 meters from the Yayamari snow-capped mountain. 

Day 3. Yayamari Base Camp, Camp I

On this day there will be a review of the equipment and a final choice of the climbing route. Depending on the characteristics of the mountain, we will advance to camp 1 or transport the climbing material to the glacier tongue so that the attack to the summit can be made from base camp. On an important day for this reason we will make ascents from camp 1 to the glacier tongue as an entrance to the altitude and recognition of the route to the summit.

Day 4. Camp I, Summit Yayayari 6049 mals, Base Camp

The climb starts with a coffee and a light breakfast at 1.00 am, we will get ready with the climbing equipment and we will start with the attack to the summit at 2.00 am approximately. The climb to the summit will last for 6 to 7 hours of climbing. We will arrive to the summit at 8.00 am with the sun rays, we will visualize the mountain range of Vilcanota, Ausangate, Chumpe and the jungle chains of Ollachea and Marcapata. We will start with the descent to the base camp, where our team will be ready with a buffet lunch to celebrate the summit of Yayamari.

Day 5. Yayamari Base Camp, Sibinacocha Lagoon

As a farewell to the challenging mountain we will start the hike to the Ausangate mountain. Little by little the mountain will be moving away until ascending to the Ccascana pass 5040 m, we will begin a descent until we reach the Sibinacocha lagoon where we will have lunch overlooking this largest lagoon in Cusco. The road borders the head of the lagoon and in the background the mountain Chumpe 6106 m. In this lagoon we can observe many birds such as ducks, Andean flamingos and others. This part of the road there are many shepherds with their alpacas that live in remote areas. We will arrive to our campsite Mormurani.

Day 6. Sibinacocha Lagoon, Killita Community, Cusco

This is the last day in the Vilcanota mountain range, we will start with the ascent to reach the Condor pass, during this journey we will see many vicuñas, alpacas grazing on the road, we will also pass through mountains like the Huayrurupuncu and down to the village of Sallma. And from a small ascent we will arrive to the Condor pass 5221 m from where we will be able to observe the imposing snowy Ausangate 6384 m. From this pass we will descend until we reach the village of Killita where we will have our lunch and say goodbye to our team that has accompanied us during this expedition trip and then take our mobility to Cusco. 

Yayamari Climbing Includes

  • Online advice: you will have a fully personalized advice through the trusted platform (Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp) for the planning of the expedition and to know your interest in this destination.
  • Professional High Mountain Guide: the guides are accredited by MINCETUR and have experience in guiding mountain expeditions, knowledge of the mountain of Yayamari, are trained in first aid and rescue if an emergency occurs during the route. They are friendly and know perfectly the culture and experiences.
  • Private transportation: The transportation for this expedition is private and will take you from the hotel in Cusco to the village of Phinaya and back. The transportation is safe and has all the necessary certifications for the transfer of passengers.
  • Chef: we include a cook with experience in the preparation of national and international food, with experience in preparing dishes in the high mountain.
  • Muleteers: we include a team of muleteers who are in charge of transporting all the logistic equipment of the expedition to each camp, they are friendly and professional.
  • Horses: they are the means of transportation of the logistics to each camp.
  • Emergency Horse: is a horse designated for emergencies if necessary.
  • Client camping equipment: We have adequate mountain equipment to spend the night at Yayamari base camp. The items included for clients are (tent, sleeping bags, blanket, sleeping mats).
  • Camping Equipment: We include camping logistic equipment such as; kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, kitchen and dining utensils, chairs, tables, among others.
  • Climbing Equipment: We provide the best climbing equipment for our clients to be successful in climbing the Yayamari mountain. Among this equipment are harness, boots, crampons, technical ice axe, helmet, carabiner, ATC descender. Also group equipment such as ropes, stakes, bolts, screws, cords, tapes, express, among others.
  • Food: we have a unique gastronomy prepared with the best ingredients, so you can taste the best dishes of Cusco. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are included.
  • Group toiletries: we have soap and towels to wash your hands before and after the tourist activities.
  • Emergency and first aid logistics: we carry a first aid kit in case of injury or headaches. We carry an oxygen during the trek to solve the problems of lack of oxygen of the passengers. In case of serious emergencies, we have rescue stretchers and pneumatic splints to help the patient.
  • Entrance tickets to Yayamari: the entrance ticket for activities in Yayamari
  • Entrance ticket to Rainbow Mountain: entrance tickets to the colorful mountain are included.
  • Camping ticket: camping costs are included in the designated camping areas.

Does not include Yayamari climbing

  • Transportation outside the expedition.
  • The last dinner of the expedition.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Trekking poles.
  • Personal clothing adapted to the high mountain (pants and jacket for mountain climbing, snow goggles, simple gloves and climbing gloves).

Recommendations for climbing Yayamari

Physical preparation

Include hiking and stair climbing in your regular routine, as well as running and cycling, while weights will allow you to strengthen your torso. Join a climbing gym to learn the basics, such as being able to use a harness and tie a rope.


Prices for climbing to Yayamari

Consult the price for the 2023 season

Frequently asked questions about Yayamari climbing

Is it difficult to climb Yayamari mountain?

The Yayamari mountain is one of the least difficult mountains in Cusco with its 6049 m, which has been called the basic mountain for climbing 6 thousand. However, nowadays the access routes to the summit are becoming more difficult to overcome due to the appearance of gigantic seracs and deep crevasses. 


Useful information on the Yayamari climb

The mountain Yayamari

Yayamari also known as Ambrocca or Ambroja in Spanish spelling or Montura for its two summits, is a mountain in the Cordillera Vilcanota, in the Andes of Peru, about 6,049 meters high. It is located in the Cusco Region, Province of Canchis, District of Pitumarca, and in the Province of Quispicanchi, District of Marcapata. Yayamari is located northeast of the Sibinacocha and Ccascana lagoon, north of the lagoon called Amayuni and northwest of Huila Aje and Condoriquiña.

Location: Peru, Cusco
Altitude: 6049 m (19,846 ft)
Elevation: 722 m (2.369 ft)
Coordinates: 13°46′00″S 70°58′54″W

The mountain of Yayamari 6049 m

Climbing Yayamari mountain

First ascent    15/8/57 - Günther Hauser, Theodore Achilles, Bernhard Kuhn (Germany)

Yayamari Climbing in 2022

The Yayamari mountain was climbed by the northern route of the Yayamari.
A team of Germans (Matthias, Jorg, Lutz) participated with the support of Luis, Mario as guides, Juvenal and Alipio as cook and muleteers at base camp. More information. 

The climbing route to Yayamari


Booking policies for yayamari climbing

  • The walk begins with the pick-up of passengers from their hotel (Indicate at the time of booking).
  • Prices are per person based on 6 people per group.
  • Before booking a tour, check package availability and dates.
  • Cancellations or date changes are minimum 1 month in advance.
  • Rates include VAT.
  • The agency is not responsible for the loss of valuables during the development of the tour.
  • The agency is not responsible for the untimely cancellation of services caused by natural phenomena or civil events (extreme snowfall, strikes, stoppages, etc.)
  • Tours do not include travel insurance.

Payment and cancellation policies


  • Tour reservations are made virtually through the www.huillcaexpedition.com page or via email through reservas@huillcaexpedition.com.
  • To secure the reservation it is necessary that you make the payment of the tour that can be 30% or full.


  • Minors are considered to be people between 1 and 9 years of age. From 10 years of age, the adult rate already applies.
  • Children under 1 year of age are free of charge on any of our tours.
  • Children must be under the responsibility of their parents until they are 18 years old.


  • All tours start with 100% payment.
  • All our operations have a ticket or invoice as required.
  • Provide all your required data.
  • Choose the online payment method by credit or debit card, by paypal or by transfer or bank deposit.
  • You need to send proof of payment to pago@huillcaexpedition.com

date changes

  • Date changes are free of charge, as long as they are informed to your travel advisor at least 15 days in advance.
  • Date changes made within 14 days will have a cost of 15% of the total.
  • Date changes are subject to availability, a date closer to your planned trip will be sought.


  • All cancellation requests must be informed to your travel advisor in writing via the advisor's email or at reservas@huillcaexpedition.com
  • Any cancellation of service is subject to a charge of 10% of the total reservation.
  • Any cancellation made between 29 and 15 days before the service is subject to a charge of 20% of the total reservation.
  • Any cancellation made from 14 to 2 days before the service is subject to a charge of 50% of the total reservation.
  • Reservations canceled 1 day before, the same day of the service, or in case of non-arrival, will not be refundable.

For more information you can contact us at cel: +51 918970611 / +51 929400856 or by email reservas@huillcaexpedition.com

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