5 Apps to learn languages before your trip

5 Apps to learn languages before your trip

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There is no right time to learn languages, but what better way than to do it before or during your next trip.

That's why in this article we are going to present you seven best apps to learn languages. You can use them both on your mobile and on your computer, and thus have immediate accessibility to them from anywhere.

1. Duolingo

Surely you've already heard of it! Well, this application has gained great recognition for its great effectiveness when learning English, French, Italian and more languages. It is characterized by being a very easy to use tool, so it is also designed for any type of person and age.

And not only do you learn in the traditional way, but it also has forums and different dynamic activities, so that the knowledge you learn goes up a level. Available on iOS and Android operating systems. You can find it for free in Google Play Store. 

2. HiNative

It is an application in which you can talk and ask questions to the natives of each country about their cultures, the definitions of some words and if their pronunciation is correct or what are their other meanings. In addition, the application allows you to send audios, in order to achieve a better understanding between the interactants.

The aesthetic structure of the application has question formats that will help you when you need help; you can also find out curious facts about the country or the place where you are going to travel. You can download it from Google Play, it is completely free and has more than 120 languages.

3. Bussu

It works as a social network, which means that you can join a cybernetic community at the pace of multilinguals.

You can use it both on your mobile and on your computer, whichever way is more comfortable for you. It offers different languages and you will learn the meaning of many words quickly and their grammatical form, so when you embark to your next destination and it's time to communicate everything will be even easier and more exciting. 

Like HiNative it is free, but if you want to access some more advanced benefits of the tool you are charged from the premium part.

4. Babbel

This educational software is widely used to practice your vocabulary and learn mostly English from anywhere.

In this application you can select your native language and the one you want to learn. It allows you to listen to the pronunciations of words and dialogues so you can learn how to say them. It has many evaluative exercises to give you an idea of how your learning process is going.

By making use of this application you will obtain many communicative advances in your next journey. It is free for only seven days, but there are some lessons that require a subscription fee.

5. Wlingua

At the beginning, the tool generates a knowledge test to know your level in the language of your interest. You can use it for free without any problem, but if you want to access theoretical, grammar and reading classes you have to pay a fee.

It also offers you a certification up to where you are in your learning process, which is a good piece of information that you can use both in your trip and for works holidays!

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