5 best destinations for mountain trekking in Peru

5 best destinations for mountain trekking in Peru 2023

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If there is something that identifies Peru around the world, it is that it is crossed by the Andes mountain range, where snow-capped peaks and imposing mountains inspire tranquility, respect and the desire to go exploring. 

Many tourists come to South America with the goal of summiting some challenging and beautiful peaks, but even if you have already climbed in the Alps or other mountain ranges, remember that the Andes have their particularities and you should always make your ascent with local guides who know them well.
You can find an agency when you arrive at your destination, so take a look at these recommended destinations to choose the best route:

Best destinations for mountain trekking in Peru

1. Huascaran National Park

This protected area is home to the entire Cordillera Blanca, a mountain range where you can find the highest snow-capped mountain in Peru and other moving destinations, such as gorges with colorful lagoons, centennial forests and hundreds of glaciers. 

To start your adventure you should arrive in Huaraz, a small city where you will already begin to feel the adrenaline that awaits you once you are surrounded by white and rocky peaks. 
Depending on your level of training, you can choose tours of one or 10 days, the latter being the most difficult and challenging as you will visit lakes over 3,000m high, glaciers over 5,000m and crown mountains that will allow you to have a breathtaking view.
Of course, to do it you must walk a lot, climb, rappel and get up early, so discipline and effort are very important. 
If you are not prepared, you can reach the lagoons in three or four day tours and believe me the satisfaction you will feel will be just as compelling.

2.  Huayhuash Mountain Range

This mountain group has among its 20 peaks the second highest in Peru, called Yerupajá, and unlike other ecotourism destinations, it has been minimally intervened and preserves an important environmental balance. 

Because it is so isolated from most of Peru's major towns, if you want to visit this area it is because you are a mountain climber at heart and enjoy untamed nature to the fullest.
To enter this protected area your first destination will be the small and cold town of Chiquián, located over 3,000m above sea level and easily reached from Huaraz or Lima. Once there, you will begin the hike that even National Geographic has catalogued as one of the most beautiful and demanding in the world.
Get ready to go deep into the remote Andes Mountains for 10 to 15 days, while your legs and spirit are strengthened and your sight does not stop marveling. Although, again, there are always easier options for people with a medium level of training. 
Since the best time to visit the Cordillera Huayhuash is between April and October, we recommend you plan your trip in advance and start training hard to live a truly enriching and unforgettable experience.  

3. Ausangate Mountain

If you are passing through the Sacred Valley and want to go deep into its mountains, the great Ausangate can be one of your best alternatives.  There is also the mountain of colors, a famous destination after Machu Picchu.

This mountain is a sacred site or sanctuary, it is located 3 hours from Cusco and from there excursions of several days are organized to visit it. During your tour you will find lagoons, mountain animals and, if you are lucky, you will be able to see the wonderful flight of a condor..
And if you want to enjoy the cultural manifestations of the area, you can visit this destination during the festivities of Quyllur Rit'i, a religious pilgrimage that takes place before Corpus Christi and clearly demonstrates the permanence of indigenous traditions in the midst of Catholic practices. 
Here you can hike and horseback ride through the typical landscapes of a trek in the Andes, visit ice caves and cross paths with families who actually live in this privileged area, without luxuries but with the abundance of beauty at every minute. 

4. Chachani Volcano

The kind-hearted Chachani is a wonderful destination: easily accessible, you can summit it in just one day without any previous mountaineering experience and it is close to Arequipa, one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. 

Sounds great doesn't it? Well, take advantage of it because these opportunities don't happen just anywhere and the feeling of being on top of a snow-capped volcano after you have made all the effort is unmatched.
Of course, it is not child's play, it is always good to have a medium level of resistance and practice sports routinely to make the ascent without problems, but otherwise, the agencies in the city offer safe and very complete tours that only last a day. 
Besides, this city is fascinating, with its historical attractions, its tranquility and its proximity to another very entertaining adventure destination: the Colca Canyon. In other words, if we didn't convince you, it's because you're not really into mountains.  

5. Ubinas Volcano

Besides being a charming attraction for adventure and nature, it also guarantees a lot of adrenaline since the Ubinas Volcano is the most active volcano in Peru. Like the Chachani, it is located near Arequipa from where the hikes are coordinated, which can be of low difficulty if you get to the crater or medium-high if you get to the top.
To reach the top you have to climb the lava walls that have generated its eruptions, so there you will have a good adrenaline rush. The tour does not take more than two days if you want to explore the volcano and, in addition to doing so, you will also visit the Salinas Lagoon, the small and charming town of Ubinas and the Huarina hot springs, ideal to relax your muscles and mind after the effort. 
You will probably feel like spending a few more days in the quiet town center, so you can take the opportunity to learn about beekeeping with the local families who are dedicated to this and take home lots of honey, the pure and delicious kind that crystallizes over time.
And don't worry about the activity of the volcano, because if there are tours to the area it is because you are not in any danger.  

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