6 Best Hot Springs in Cusco

6 Best Hot Springs in Cusco

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The thermal waters in Cusco are known and used since ancient times as a source of therapy and socialization for their fabulous properties to treat rheumatic, renal and other ailments. These waters, which come from the subway layers of the earth, contain many minerals and are at higher temperatures than normal.

In Cusco, there are many places where you can enjoy thermal baths, either for medicinal tourism or simply to relax. These are the best options to experience pure relaxation and healing.

The Best Hot Springs In Cusco

1. Hot Springs In Machu Picchu Pueblo

The entrance town to the citadel of Machu Picchu is named after the hot springs found there. The waters are sulfurous and range between 38 and 46 degrees. After the intense trekking of the Inca Trail, it is recommended to rest and relax in the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes. These five pools in total (two large and three smaller ones), are some hotter than others. The complex has bathrooms, showers and changing rooms. In addition, travelers will find people who rent and sell towels and sandals, in case they have forgotten them. Finally, visitors can also have a drink inside the pool, thanks to its bar service.

2. Cocalmayo In Santa Teresa

On the banks of the Urubamba River and at the foot of the mountains are the hot springs of Santa Teresa. These are perhaps the most popular hot springs in Cusco due to the beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds them. These hot springs are open 24 hours a day, so you can take a relaxing bath in the light of the stars reflected in the waters. It is recommended to bring repellent, as the environment where the hot springs are located is considered jungle-like, and mosquitoes may be present.

This is one of the most visited and famous hot springs in Cusco, has a high quality service and is on the route from Santa Maria to Aguas Calientes. It has several pools of different temperatures that you can choose and enjoy. Hundreds of tourists visit it every day.

3. Lares Hot Springs

At an altitude of 3,250 meters above sea level are the hot springs of the town of Lares, located in the province of Calca. The water of the Lares hot springs has a yellowish color and is composed of several beneficial minerals. At the entrance of these hot springs, visitors can appreciate the presence of stalactites and stalagmites. If you like camping, you can do so in the complex where the Lares hot springs are located. The environment is very suitable for this.

4. Machacancha Hot Springs

Machacancha is located 8 kilometers from the city of Calca, near the community of Lares, are the hot springs of Machacancha, one of the few that are under roof. The average temperature of its waters is 40 degrees Celsius and it is especially recommended for people suffering from anemia and liver diseases. The archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo is very close, so you can take the opportunity to visit it.

5. Chimur Hot Springs

The Chimur hot springs are located about 5 hours drive from the city of Cusco, located in the province of Paucartambo, district of Challabamba. It is in the middle of the high jungle and has 4 hot springs of different temperatures.

6. Pacchanta Hot Springs

Pacchanta hot spring is located in Ocongate, about 2 - 3 hours by car from the city of Cusco, it is one of the few hot springs that exists at 4030 meters above sea level. It is located at the foothills of the Ausangate mountain, it has an incredible and unique view. Unlike other hot springs in Cusco, it is in the heart of the Andes and is one of the most wonderful places in the world where you can bathe.

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