Name of the 7 lakes of Ausangate

Name of the 7 lakes of Ausangate


In this blog we will let you know the name of the 7 lakes of Ausangate. One of the most important destinations of Cusco, Ausangate mountain with a chain of lagoons that feeds Andean villages for irrigation and drinking. These lagoons are important resources of the people of Pacchanta and neighboring communities. These are the names of the famous 7 lagoons of Ausangate.

Name of the 7 lakes of Ausangate

1. Blue Lake (4550 m)

It is one of the main lagoons of the 7 lagoons of Ausangate, its name comes from the Blue color of the lagoon. It is located at 4550 m and the first lagoon to reach if done by the alternate route that develops Huillca Expedition and as the last is done by the traditional route of Hot Springs Pacchanta.

Blue lake in 7 lagoons Ausangate

2. Male Otorongo Lake (4570 m)

It is a small but has an impressive depth, its name comes from the feline otorongo for its black and wild color in ancient times that saw the inhabitants of the sectors of Ausangate. There are many legends about this lagoon that attracted all the objects that pass through the high. After many shamanic healings, this lagoon calmed down until today.

Male Otorongo Lake of seven lakes Ausangate

3. Chuño Lake (4770 m)

This lagoon was one of the main responsible for giving fertility to the production of potatoes in the ausangate for the ancestral inhabitants. Its name comes from objects similar to Chuño (dehydrated potato that has been the way of preservation of the Incas) that exist in the lagoon. In reality they are stones similar to the Chuño that the ancestors took to the potato fields to call the soul of this tuber as consequently gave productivity.

Chuño lake of the Ausangate lagoons

4. Femaly Otorongo Lake (4600 m)

Lagoon in honor of the male lagoon Otorongo, which has a magnificent turquoise green coloration. Its water is crystalline in all seasons, it springs from underground under filtration of the surrounding lagoons. It is always used for therapies and shamanism because it purifies and heals spiritually.

Femaly Otorongo Lake best of Ausangate

5. Lead Lake (4620 m)

Its name comes from its characteristic gray coloration, in the background you can see the mountains of Jampa. A nice place for photographs.

To lake lead the most beautiful of 7 lakes

6. Small Red Lake

A red lagoon, this name has been earned by its color in the rainy season is dyed red because of the soil that washes the rain and enters this lagoon. Normally this lagoon tends to dry approximately 30 meters in dry times.

Small Red Lake is the red color of the 7 Ausangate lakes

7. Big Red Lake

It is the largest of the 7 lagoons of Ausangate.

Big Red Lake the largest of the 7 lakes of Ausangate

These are the name of the 7 lakes of Ausangate, you can visit them by doing full day routes from Cusco. It is located 3 hours by car from the city of Cusco plus 1.30 hours of walking. It is a very beautiful landscape of the Vilcanota mountain range. If you are interested in a tour of 7 Ausangate lakes you can contact us and we can help you with everything you need to enjoy this beautiful destination.

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