The Misti Volcano in Arequipa

Explore the Majestic Mount Misti Volcano: A Guide to Hiking, Trekking, and Tourist Activities in Peru

Points of Interest

Mount Misti is an active stratovolcano located in southern Peru near the city of Arequipa. It has a height of 5,822 meters above sea level and is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the country due to its proximity to the city and its history of eruptions. Misti has erupted several times in recorded history, with the most recent eruption occurring in 1985. Despite its activity, the volcano is also considered a sacred site by local indigenous communities and attracts tourists and climbers from around the world.

Tourist activities in Misti Volcano

Mount Misti is a popular tourist destination for those interested in volcanoes, hiking, and adventure activities. Some of the tourist activities that can be done at Misti volcano include:

  1. Hiking: Climbing to the summit of Misti is a popular activity among tourists and experienced hikers. The hike takes several hours and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the city of Arequipa.

  2. Volcano trekking: For a more immersive experience, tourists can go on a volcano trek that takes them around the base of the mountain, through surrounding forests and up to the summit.

  3. Scenic viewing: Even for those who do not wish to hike, the view of Misti from the surrounding areas is breathtaking, and there are several scenic outlooks from where the volcano can be viewed.

  4. Cultural tours: Mount Misti is considered a sacred site by local indigenous communities, and visitors can take cultural tours to learn about the cultural significance of the volcano and the beliefs and customs of the local people.

  5. Photography: Misti is a photographer's paradise, with its picturesque landscapes and panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Tourists can capture stunning photos of the volcano and the surrounding scenery.

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